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Lifestyle of a Whitehall Sleigh Bed that is against a light gray wallpapered wall, there are two Whitehall Four-Drawer Nightstand next to both sides of the bed with gold based lamps on top of them and a Whitehall Tall Chest in the background


The Whitehall bedroom is a classic beauty in either cherry or mahogany, built around a traditional sleigh bed design. The bed is accompanied by dressers, chests, and nightstands with subtle bow-fronts, beaded detail, and undulating curves.



On the Whitehall Sleigh Bed, crotch mahogany veneers create dramatic vertical patterns with a feathery appearance. The same pattern is matched across the drawer faces of all mahogany cases.

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A supple cherry grain, in all its warmth and familiarity, rises in vertical veneers on the cherry Whitehall bed, while across drawers the slip-matched grain flows horizontally and alternates direction.

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  • Finishes

    Depending on your wood selection, Whitehall is available in any fine Stickley cherry or mahogany finish.

  • Pewter

    With either cherry or mahogany, Whitehall’s oval pulls look stunning when finished in a muted pewter.

  • Antique Gold

    The Antique Gold option for the oval pulls complements both cherry and mahogany finishes.

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