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Classics like these never go out of style. More than a century after the Stickley originals were first produced, the Orchard Street and Fayetteville sofas remain customer favorites, not only for their iconic design but for their unmistakable comfort and craftsmanship. Today they can be yours at a Special Value price.

Lifestyle of an Orchard Street Sofa pulled out into a bed with white pillows and sheets on it. There is a painting hung on the wall behind the sofa and a small end table with a lamp on top to the side of it


Orchard Street

Based on Leopold Stickley’s original 1905 design, the iconic Orchard Street Sofa provides exceptional seating comfort, with bowed arms, elongated corbels, and quadralinear posts that capture the essence of Mission style.

Stickley Transformers: Orchard Street Motion Sofa

Lifestyle of a light printed fabric Fayetteville Sofa that has a light wood Cocktail table in front of it and two Octagonal Tables on either side with a stained glass lamp atop both of them



Our Fayetteville upholstery swaps the original Mission slats for an elegant spindle design reminiscent of the Prairie School style. The sofa and loveseat feature plush cushions and throws.

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