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Factory worker putting leather onto a chair


Whether you prefer family-friendly durability or a rustic, distressed appearance, you can customize furniture exactly as you want it with Stickley’s range of exceptional leathers.

  • Leather swatches of varying colors

    Everyday Leathers

    Providing great defense against kids, pets, spills, and sunlight, Everyday leathers are durable and easy to maintain. These semi-aniline leathers are more color-consistent, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant than other leather types.

  • Leather swatches of varying colors

    Hand-Antiqued Leathers

    During the finishing process, each hide is carefully hand-antiqued to produce and aged, distressed appearance. Natural markings such as healed scars, insect bites, grain variations, and fat wrinkles are often enhanced by the antiquing process.

  • Leather swatches of varying colors

    Wax Pull-Up Leathers

    A Wax Pull-Up has the worn, distressed look of rustic leather and offers moderate protection against spills and wear. The leather lightens dramatically, creating a “burst” pattern, when pulled over the firm areas of an upholstery frame. 

  • Leather swatches of varying colors

    Oiled Pull-Up Leathers

    Choose an Oiled Pull-Up leather if you love a dramatically rough, heavily scarred look. Like a Wax Pull-Up, it lightens or “bursts” where stretched over the frame, but it has less protection against spills or abrasive wear and requires more maintenance.

  • Leather swatches of varying colors

    Pure Aniline Leathers

    Pure aniline leathers are as close to the natural hide as they can be. Because they have little or no pigmentation, these natural leathers are known for their soft, warm texture; they will also stain and fade easily and should be used with care. 

  • Leather swatches of varying colors

    Nubuck Leathers

    The suede-like feel of a Nubuck leather is created by buffing the hide to raise a heavy nap. Nubucks have a unique softness but are less resistant to staining and fading. Natural shading will also occur as the nap is brushed in one direction or the other.

  • Leather swatches of varying colors

    Tooled Embossed Leathers

    Machine embossing is used to create a fashionable, hand-tooled appearance suitable for unique accent areas only. The finishing process enhances the subtle, aged patina of the richly textured surface. Tooled embossed leathers are generally quite stiff.

  • Leather swatches of varying colors

    Kind Leathers

    Kind Leather is real leather sourced from humane, cruelty-free farms. An innovative production process reduces water, energy, and chemical consumption and limits greenhouse gas emissions and waste. Leather quality is improved, and excess materials are used by other industries.

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