Pasadena Bungalow

To showcase some of the variation within American Arts and Crafts style, we traveled west for inspiration from California Arts and Crafts homes and from the celebrated architects Greene & Greene. The sleek, fanciful designs of Pasadena Bungalow are crafted in solid wild cherry with blackwood accents.

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Lifestyle of the San Marino Trestle Table with an East Colorado Arm Chair in front of a Gamble House Buffet with China Top


East Meets West

Design comes full circle with Pasadena Bungalow. Greene & Greene were influenced by Craftsman style and the furniture of Gustav and Leopold Stickley. Later, our designers were inspired by their hand-carved details and use of African Blackwood splines and pegs for both decoration and structure.

Lifestyle of a Tsuba Bustle-Back Recliner in front of a slightly out of focus Gamble House Bookcase


Relax in Style

A tsuba, the decorated hand guard on a samurai sword, inspired the cutouts on the sides of this recliner and gave it its name. Incised carving, cloud-lift motifs, and precise African Blackwood joint pins add elegance.

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