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Stickley Designer Rugs

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Arts and Crafts

Many of our decorative accents celebrate the Arts and Crafts aesthetic at the heart of Stickley. Exceptional brands like Laura Wilder Artwork, Schlabaugh & Sons Clock, Ephraim Pottery, and more share the pure design, honest materials, and fine craftsmanship that we and our customers cherish.

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Fulton Lane Rugs

Fulton Lane presents a curated collection of beautiful hand-knotted rugs crafted in transitional and modern styles. These simple yet sophisticated designs combine hand-carded wool and hand-spun bamboo silk to produce a wonderfully soft textured pile with a gentle reflective sheen. 

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First Blush

Our designers and merchants are well-versed in the latest décor trends, such as the chic palette of colors, textures, and materials in this inspiration board. You’ll find it reflected throughout our assortment of wall décor, rugs, and decorative accents.

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