Welcome to Stickley’s Room Planner feature! Once you’ve added your favorite Stickley products to your Stickley Wishlist, you can go directly to the Room Planner to begin designing your room.  Depending upon how you access the Room Planner, your wish list will either export from this website automatically, or you can log onto the Room Planner with the same log-in you used for your wish list, and your items will appear. Set the dimensions on your floor plan, add physical features such as doorways and windows, and start designing!

As you open the Room Planner, you will see a tab to the left labeled “Wish List”. Click on this tab to open your own personal Stickley wish lists. The images will appear in the gallery area. You can click and drag to move the product into your “room”, or double-click on the images to move them into the planner. All Stickley furniture and rugs are pre-set at the correct dimensions. You can also add generic items such as lighting, fixtures, other furniture, etc. to realistically personalize your room.Once you have a floor plan you like, you can save it right in the Stickley Room Planner (click on Save and name the plan – “bedroom plan A”, etc.). You can import as many Stickley wish lists as you’d like, and save as many floorplans as you desire.

You can also print the floor plan to scale, and request that the printed plan include a list of all items shown. Use this printed floorplan to share your ideas with your family or your designer. Even easier, you can email the plan to anyone (click on “Share”), and the email will allow them to open your plan and view the product list.

The Stickley Room Planner is fun and easy, and is also an incredibly practical tool for creating the home or office of your dreams. For more information and user tips on how to use Room Planner, you may view the brief videos listed below.

Open the Room Planner here