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Wonderful classic desk, simple yet beautiful.

I have been in the woodworking industry for close to 20 years, designing, manufacturing, and building. As part of my business, I visit woodshops around NY and New England and understand quality. Everything about this desk is wonderful. It is truly a work of art. Although it is an investment, it is well worth it.

Devon Chair
Jon McMahan

Amazing Quality, sturdy construction and I need one more....LOL


This rug was the perfect complement to our Motawi-tiled fireplace and the furniture and fabrics we had selected through our local Stickley dealer. Almost immediately there were noticeable flaws in the rug and the rug was soon sent back to Stickley. They determined there was nothing wrong with it, but the problems continued. If we would have known the rug we purchased would begin to lose its plushness after just a few days and start looking like an army of bugs was feasting on it, we would have gone to a big box store, gotten one there and saved ourselves thousands of dollars. The furniture store gave us an option of take it or leave it (keep it or return it and get a store credit for another rug). By the way, there was another rug on display at the store and the same thing was happening to it, so it wasn't anything we did. The rug is beautiful, but we expected better quality for the cost.

We were sorry to hear of the issues with your Stickley rug. It’s possible that this was shedding, a common and temporary characteristic of Himalayan wool rugs. For other customers experiencing a similar issue, we recommend emailing any photos you have to our Customer Service representatives at so we can review the issue with our rug department. Please visit this page for more information: